Allow common directory for eventqueue, statefile, and idfile

Issue #354 resolved
Ulrich Windl
created an issue

I have a configuration where idfile and statefile are located in /var/lib/monit. When I try to use /var/lib/monit as eventqueue directory, monit complains about the idfile and statefile not being valid eventqueue files ("skipping queued event ... - unknown data format"). I'd like to avoid an extra directory for the event queue. An obvious fix would be to use (and document) some prefix for the event files, and use only those. In my simple understanding a pattern like "event-%08u" would not add any restrictions on the number of pending event messages.

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  1. Ulrich Windl reporter

    Monit-5.18 still logs at info level confusing messages like: Processing queued event /var/lib/monit/

    "" is the idfile, not a queued event.

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