Changes to check program status handling

Issue #377 on hold
jeremy mayes created an issue

It's a bit confusing that status checks against an explicit value trigger a status failed event, but, if the check program exits with a status code which fails all status checks, then, it's considered success. We like to use the status codes to tell monit what to do in the monit recipe. Ideally, we would only get the status change alerts and be able to disable the success/failure alerts, e.g.,

check program test-svc path "/path/to/some/" If changed status then alert If status = 1 then exec "/path/to/" If status = 2 then exec "/path/to/executable_when_status_2"

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Hello, we plan to add this feature - support for proper "if"-"else if"-"else" and kind of switch statement, will open this issue as soon as the work starts.

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