HTTP status code is not displayes

Issue #399 on hold
SzV created an issue


if failed host port 443 ssl with protocol http request "/server-status?auto" status = 200
     with timeout 25 seconds for 4 times within 5 cycles then restart

monit status -v output:

if failed []:443/server-status?auto type TCP/IP protocol HTTP
with timeout 25 s using SSL/TLS for 4 times within 5 cycles then restart

Could you please also display the expected HTTP status code? Thanks.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Hello Viktor,

    it's true that specific protocol options (such as http status) are intentionally omitted from the -v configuration dump, as the port description is already very long - there is just the protocol name.

    We see it could be confusing if you have for example the same port test with different status value, will think about some solution (we plan to improve the CLI output).

    Putting on hold now.

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