monit reload does not find ./monitrc file

Issue #40 resolved
Jason Levitt created an issue

Start monit:

$ cd monit-5.8

$ sudo bin/monit -c ./monitrc

It runs fine

But if you try to reload

$ sudo bin/monit -c ./monitrc reload

$ sudo bin/monit -c /abs/path/monitrc reload

$ sudo bin/monit reload

it fails with:

[UTC May 2 16:22:25] error : monit: Error: cannot open the control file './monitrc' -- No such file or directory

[UTC May 2 16:22:25] error : monit daemon died

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Thanks. Fixed with this checkin.

    Edit: It is a good thing to always use absolute paths with Monit, both in the control file where it usually is required and with arguments to the program. Though if a relative path was given, it should of course still work. Thanks again.

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