Too many items in system check colored red for "monit status"

Issue #414 new
Ulrich Windl created an issue

I have configured a few system checks for "System". When only the swap check failed, other items are colored red as well. In my case these are:

  • load average
  • cpu
  • memory usage
  • swap usage

These are all categories where I have defined a check for (triggered or not). Only "swap usage" should have red color in "monit status" output.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    We're aware about the problem ... the problem is, that various tests use the same event type ("resource" in this case). When that event type is set by some test (such as "cpu" test), then all tests which may trigger the same event type are highlighted too. We will extend the event types to be more specific.

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