Monit doesn't check service on startup when "every X cycles" is used

Issue #420 resolved
Vovodroid created an issue


set daemon  60 

check host address
  every 10 cycles
  start  = "/usr/bin/docker start"
  stop   = "/usr/bin/docker kill"
  if failed host port 443 protocol https for 1 cycles then restart


[UTC Jul 16 10:59:32] info     : M/Monit heartbeat started
[UTC Jul 16 11:08:32] error    : '' failed protocol test [HTTP] at []:443 [TCP/IP SSL] -- Connection refused

First service check occurs after 9 minutes after monit startup (by a way, why 9, and not 10?). So it can take much time after reboot to launch services. I suggest that service checking cycle should start immediately on monit start.


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