Crash on StringBuffer_toCompressed

Issue #515 resolved
J Rz created an issue

When I open url on browser with api /_monit, and i found monitd was crashed.

and this is the log of monit:

[CST Dec  8 11:50:27] info     : Awakened by User defined signal 1
[CST Dec  8 11:50:27] error    : 'home' inode usage 1486635 matches resource limit [inode usage>30000]
[CST Dec  8 11:50:45] critical : AssertException: compression failed: raised in StringBuffer_toCompressed at src/util/StringBuffer.c:299

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  1. J Rz reporter

    i changed

    unsigned long need = deflateBound(&zstream, S->used);


    unsigned long need = deflateBound(&zstream, S->length);

    it's works fine.

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