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Monit is getting stopped gracefully every time we see this message in monit log "failed to start (exit status -1) -- no output". I am attaching the log. Due to this the process are not getting monitored. This happens after a long run. Please let us know what other parameters you want to know or what other parameters we need to check.


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  1. Tildeslash repo owner


    it's configuration problem - your configuration file is missing "set daemon <x>" option, so monit runs only once and exits.

    Please add the following statement to monit configuration file:

    set daemon 5
  2. gshejwalkar

    Thanks for the update. One more thing want to know is there any relation with the "failed to start (exit status -1) -- no output" and monit getting stopped. Have observed that monit runs continuously till we hit this error. Also with set daemon 5 will restart the monit every 5 sec?

  3. Tildeslash repo owner

    Monit stops not because "failed to start (exit status -1) -- no output", but because it reached the last service test in the configuration file. Because no poll cycle is set (the "set daemon 5" is missing), it just exits - with no "set daemon" monit just tests all services once and stops.

    The "set daemon 5" is present only in the attached monitrc file, but your monit seems to use the monit.conf file - some 3rd party package maintainers override the default monitrc by monit.conf preference.

  4. gshejwalkar

    What we have observed that the monit runs and is not stopping after checking all the process. Some times it runs for more then 5 to 6 hr or more until it hits "failed to start (exit status -1) -- no output" and then we see a message that the monit is stopping.

    Any ways will put the "set daemon 5" in monit.conf and observe.

    Thanks for the input.

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