Disk space usage reported incorrect

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J Rz created an issue

i use this monitrc to monit path /home:

  check filesystem home with path /home
    if space usage > 90% for 5 times within 15 cycles then alert
    if inode usage > 50000 then alert
    group server

and in my disk space is free:

[jiangrz@Jiangrz-PC monit]$ df -h /home
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                      405G   44G  342G  12% /home

but in monit, it's reports: 'Resource limit matched'

[jiangrz@Jiangrz-PC monit]$ sudo monit status home
Monit 5.21.0 uptime: 15m

Filesystem 'home'
  status                       Resource limit matched
  monitoring status            Monitored
  monitoring mode              active
  on reboot                    start
  permission                   755
  uid                          0
  gid                          0
  filesystem flags             0x1000
  block size                   4 kB
  space total                  404.9 GB (of which 5.1% is reserved for root user)
  space free for non superuser 341.1 GB [84.2%]
  space free total             361.7 GB [89.3%]
  inodes total                 26976256
  inodes free                  25489471 [94.5%]
  data collected               Fri, 09 Dec 2016 17:51:45

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    The "Resource limit matched" error is not related to the space usage test, but to the inode usage test:

    if inode usage > 50000 then alert

    Monit status:

    inodes total                 26976256
    inodes free                  25489471 [94.5%]

    The error is triggered because the 50000 inodes limit is reached:

    26976256 - 25489471 = 1486785
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