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Issue #522 closed
Jean-Michel Marino created an issue

Is it possible to customize HTML color with a CSS ?

The green color #00FF00 is not very efficacy.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Please do not use this issue tracker for support requests. Only for bug reports and feature requests. Regarding your question, the colours in the Web-UI can be changed in src/http/cervlet.c and recompile

  2. Jean-Michel Marino reporter

    sorry, for me it's a new feature request to load a customized CSS… I will not recompile the software just to change a color! It would be ridiculous.

    If my request of evolution can not be taken into account for a future version it is a pity ...

  3. Tildeslash repo owner

    I'm sorry if my reply sounded harsh. That was not my intention. Regarding your request, Monit is not a web-application with HTML, CSS and Javascript in separate files. The Monit App is realised as one and only one binary file which makes it very easy to distribute and use. To achieve this simplicity the tradeoff is that the UI is compiled into the App. The source code is freely available and modifying the code and the UI to your liking is not difficult.

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