Monit creates a lof of defunct processes if it is launched as PID1

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Monit creates a lof of defunct processes if it is launched as PID1:

"So if we run monit as the PID 1 process, monit must have a responsibility for reaping orphaned child processes. But monit doesn't have such a feature."

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    We appreciate the trust, but we strongly recommend not running Monit as an init replacement. It is true what the last statement says, that Monit does not have the necessary features to reap orphaned children or at least not in the way required and in the way init does. This might change in the future.

  2. dmitry babitsky

    The use case for Monit as init replacement is monit running inside docker container. Docker container may only start 1 process. If you want more, then that process should start others. This is a perfect use case for Monit, but like noted in this thread it creates a lot of zombie processes, which is a problem. Can this issue be reopened?

  3. Dmitry V.

    I was thinking about run monit from init and start some applications. Use case is pretty simple - I do not need to install ha-software with bunch of dependencies to ensure that my app has all required resources and able to run. "sudo" may be a solution, but it doesn't look perfect\portable...

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