Cannot get Mailserver to work on port 587

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Tim Reeves
created an issue

I am using a self-compiled binary from the current master, i.e. 5.21, on Debian 8.7.

All my servers are managed via Plesk Onyx with HTTP/2 switched on, and own ciphers specified:


Previously I was using the 5.9 binary from the (outdated) Debian package. But with that, I had no problem with port 587 for the mailserver, it just worked. Now the semantics of the mailserver statement have changed a bit, and I have adapted my config to match - but no joy.


set mailserver <uri> port 465 username "" password "hidden" using ssl


set mailserver <uri> port 587 username "" password "hidden" using ssl


set mailserver <uri> port 587 username "" password "hidden" using ssl { version: tlsv12 }

The log shows:

[CET Feb 16 23:59:50] error    : Cannot create socket to []:587 -- SSL connection error: error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol
[CET Feb 16 23:59:50] error    : Cannot open a connection to the mailserver -- Success
[CET Feb 16 23:59:50] error    : Mail: Delivery failed -- no mail server is available

In fact I have also configured a fallback server (both of them Ubuntu 14.04), same problem with both.

Thanks for Monit - a great product!

Tim Reeves

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Hello Tim,

    thank you for report, we have reproduced the problem, it should be fixed now - please can you fetch monit master and confirm it it works for you?

    Best regards, The Monit team

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