ports/protocols seem to show offline on web panel even tho they online

Issue #601 resolved
Simon Mousey Smith
created an issue

monitoring a few servers on different ports, for some reason they are all showing as offline on the web panel? however syslog not showing them as offline and nor am I getting emails saying offline? the ports are actually online as well? using latest GIT commit version 5.23.x

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  1. Simon Mousey Smith reporter

    where would i find that? the only thing i have is the syslog/messages are these lines? Apr 24 13:38:36 syslog monit[5012]: Starting Monit 5.23.0 daemon with http interface at []:2812 Apr 24 13:38:36 syslog monit[5014]: 'syslog' Monit 5.23.0 started

  2. Tildeslash repo owner

    It depends on the "set logfile" statement settings ... it can be either "syslog" or path to a file.

    If you found that line in syslog it is most probably enabled already and sent to syslog, but it is strange there are no errors logged.

    Please can you stop monit, start it in debug mode and catch + send the output?:

    monit -vI
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