Change priorities of monit log messages

Issue #621 closed
Ulrich Windl created an issue

Currently monit logs successful checks at "info" priority, and failed checks as "error" priority. I think "error" priority should be used for real monit errors, not for logging failed checks. A more appropriate priority in MHO would be lower "notice" priority. Also some change events (Like "monit started", "shutting down monit") are also logged at "info" priority. I'd prefer to have such events logged at higher "notice" priority also. Finally it's not obvious from the log when an alert had been sent; that may be quite useful for debugging (I had the case when I received a "succeeded" message, but no previous "failed" message). P.S: It's from monit 5.22.0, but I cannot set that version from the pulldown below

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    I think the error priority is correct when monit detects errors - it indicates some system problem/error. There could be also users who rely on current priorities and changing error to info would break their integrations.

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