M/Monit and nginx reverse proxy?

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Barbeque Sauce
created an issue

I'm looking to set M/Monit (not Monit) to be reached through my nginx reverse proxy when I'm offsite. I have a dozen other services set up already with a base URL (i.e. /couchpotato, /webmail, etc.)

I have only seen proxy configs for Monit as a server root or sub domain; is this configuration possible?

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  1. Barbeque Sauce reporter

    Thanks. I'd tried that, however; it seems that the example works just fine in a case where both the nginx proxy and the M/Monit instance are http. My scenario is a little different - the M/Monit instance is still http, but the nginx proxy is serving https to the outside world.

    I recognize that this isn't an nginx forum, but I would have thought you might have encountered this issue before...

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