Monit - Web interface: File section not auto-sizing

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The web interface used for Monit will automatically adjust column sizes based on the length of a monitor directive's name. This applies for the following sections (tested):

  • System
  • Process
  • Filesystem
  • Net

However, the section 'file' does not auto-size the column used to display the name of the monitor directive. This in turn wraps a monitor directive's name and turns it into a two-line entry. I'm assuming it should auto-size too, like the other sections, therefore reporting it as a (minor) bug.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    monit_5.25.1 copy.jpg

    See attached a screenshot of the issue. As you can see, processes and filesystem are aligned properly, no wrapping takes place in those sections. However, for the file section wrapping does take place, even though it seems there's enough space available.

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