Monit check process launched java process abnormality

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Former user created an issue

I have used monit to check process like this start program = "/bin/bash -l -c '/tomcat/bin/'" as uid "xxx" and gid "xxx" but it cant genarate the java process monit pid in /tmp/hsperfdata_xxx/

I run the /bin/bash -l -c '/tomcat/bin/' by shell manually, it will normal

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Does your startup script depend on some environment variable? You can add "env" to the to check the variables.

  2. Massimo Sala

    Are you sure about your start program ? To run tomcat as a specific user (say for example goofy), you should try something like

    start program = "/sbin/runuser --login goofy -c 'cd /tomcat && /tomcat/bin/'"
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