CPU usage of a process is wrong

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Diego Mathis created an issue

I am interested in the CPU usage of some processes. I am on FreeBSD, I have 12 vCPU. The process tends to use 100% of one vCPU, and it is displayed as such in M/Monit and Monit web interface. In Monit it does show in table, "CPU" and "CPU total" and both show same value, in the case I just checked it was 99.1%.

While the real usage is, 1/12 of 100%. The system check shows CPU information correctly.

This is an exemplary configuration I use for a process:

check process myprocess with matching myprocess
   mode passive
   group productive
   if does not exist for 24 cycles then alert

Monit version is 5.25.0, could only select 5.23.0

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