FEATURE REQUEST - Being able to reverse proxy FROM M/Monit to remote Monit Instance

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Justin Partain created an issue

So, I have my M/Monit server setup here at the house, and I volunteer at a church - of which I'm their lone IT guy.

I was wondering if either: A) There is a way already to be able to have my M/Monit server control the (2+) monit instances that exist offsite at the church without muli-port forwarding (IE: using NGINX to proxy those requests; - and if not - B) Allowing for the use of http://address.com/monit/server-name reverse proxy addresses inside of M/Monit's "Override Network Settings" settings options.

In the attached image, you can see how I was wanting to enter the address with included proxied attempt, but it errors out, trying to put the port at the end of the entire address list.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    The 'Override network settings' in M/Monit currently doesn't support path specification, just hostname and port (i.e. NAT/PAT will work, but proxy on sub-path won't).

    We'll add it to our todo list.

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