Separate daemon from CLI frontend?

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Guillem Jover created an issue


Currently the monit binary serves two purposes, 1) as a daemon instance, and 2) as a CLI to interact with a running daemon instance.

This can be problematic when trying to monitor monit itself, f.ex. via snmpd.conf proc directives, which specify a max and min number of expected processes, because users might be launching countless number of CLI instances which will be confused with the daemone one(s) (one or more depending on whether monit itself does its double forking to daemonize, and 1 or 2 when spawning services).

It would be nice to either split the CLI part into something like monitctl, or to move the daemon part into a monitd, so each have their own and distinct process names. If this is deemed too much trouble, then at least installing hardlinks for either direction would be good enough, as part of the officially supported interface.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner


    i see the point, but splitting the binaries would be quite big change in the way monit is used for last ~20 years ... we'd suggest a hardlink to separate the processes (as you mentioned)

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