check file doesn't handle the times/cycles setting

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Lutz Mader created an issue

the check file statement doesn't handle the times/cycles setting in a proper way.

check file filelog with path "/var/log/file.log"
if not exist then exec "/usr/bin/touch var/log/file.log"
if match "error" then alert
if match "count" for 3 times within 5 cycles then alert

Monit accept the statements in line 4.

[CEST May 12 18:33:17] error    : 'filelog' content match:

But I get an "alert" all the time the match "count" or "error" was found in the file. Unfortunately monit (5.25.2) seems to ignore the times/cycles limits but accept the statements.

From my point of view monit should send an "alert" for "count" for three or more matches in five cycles only.

Sorry, but I can't find some more detail information in the wiki.

Is this a bug?
In general a limit for content matches seems to be useful, I think.

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