Process resource test for open files and sockets

Issue #832 resolved
Lutz Mader created an issue

Hello Tildeslash,
monit give some detail information about running processes and it is easy to do some resource test for threads or memory usage.
Unfortunately information about the used files and sockets are not available but useful as well.

A plan to add some more process resource tests to monit, like the number of open files or used used sockets.

At the time I use an additional check programm to test the number of files used by a process.

A suggestion only,

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  1. Lutz Mader reporter

    Hello, nice to see.
    Became the “openfiles” and “total openfiles” test for Linux only or for all supported plattforms?


  2. Tildeslash repo owner

    We will implement the support for “openfiles” test on other platforms too. As platforms are diverging more and more, it’s possible that some tests will be specific for one platform only though.

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