Mail error SSL routines: tls_construct_client_hello:no protocols available

Issue #836 resolved
Valerio Ammendola created an issue


I’ve just updated monit from 5.25.3 to 5.26 and I’m experiencing the following error when monit tries to send out an email:

SSL: write I/O error -- Success
SMTP: Error sending data to the mailserver -- Success
Alert handler failed, retry scheduled for next cycle
Mail: SSL connection error: error:141E70BF:SSL routines: tls_construct_client_hello:no protocols available

The mail is not being sent out.

If I revert back to version 5.25.3 with the exact same config file it works flawlessly.

I’m on Raspbian 10 (Buster) on Raspberry Pi 4 and I’ve used this precompiled binary (I tried the 64 bit version but it wasn’t working).

This is my mailserver config in monitrc:

set mailserver port 587 username "MY_USERNAME" password "MY_PASSWORD" using tlsv1 with timeout 30 seconds

Can you please check it?


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  1. Valerio Ammendola reporter

    Updating mailserver config to use tlsv13 fixed the issue.
    I suggest you to add it to the release notes to avoid confusion

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