Filesystem not monitored

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Mike Brust created an issue


with the following config I am not able to monitor my Raspberry (arm7 32bit)

Any help is appreciated

check filesystem root_fs with path /
#    if failed permission 660 then unmonitor
#    if failed uid "root" then unmonitor
#    if failed gid "disk" then unmonitor
    if space usage > 80% for 5 times within 15 cycles then alert
    if space usage > 99% then stop
    if inode usage > 30000 then alert
    if inode usage > 99% then stop


Parameter Value
Name root_fs
Path /
Status Not monitored
Monitoring status Not monitored
Monitoring mode active
On reboot start
Data collected Sat, 14 Sep 2019 11:15:51

Comments (4)

  1. Henning Bopp

    Does the log file (conf directive set log - could be syslog, /var/log/monit.log, etc.) contain any information?

    I ask myself what monit does if it tries to stop the root file system... Sounds kind of suicidal to me ;)

  2. Lutz Mader

    Hello Mike,
    you define to stop monitoring for two tests.
    Try to start the check filesystem again and check the monit.log and the output from "monit status root_fs" immediate after you start monitoring again with "monit start root_fs".
    A suggestion only,

    The "stop" is not suicidal, it stop monitoring only as long as no stop command is available, nothing will happen with the filesystem.

  3. Tildeslash repo owner

    The problem is most probably caused by one of these following rules in combination with usage > 99% as Lutz suggested:

    if space usage > 99% then stop
    if inode usage > 99% then stop

    => monit disables the service monitoring.

    You can run monit in verbose mode to verify it: monit -vI

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