Allow Dynamic hostname from global variable for set httpd use address

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Kuber Sodari created an issue
set httpd
    port 2812
    use address $HOST
    allow localhost
    allow admin:monitadmin123

use address $HOST This is where I would like to propose monit team to update allowing dynamic setting of hostname from external source.
This is extremely handy when we are using monit for multiple server to do same thing but the only difference will be use address to respective hostnames of the server to allow web UI from.
And also If we could have a way to allow multiple server at once, that would be really cool. For example we have 10 servers such as monit1[01-10]

I was hoping not to make changes in every server to allow each server names as
use address

use address


use address

This way, I have to make changes in each and every monitrc files in respective server after deploying common monit tool. If there is a way I can achieve that with only one setting like dynamically set the server hostnames as $HOST or something similar, then it would be really easy and flexible to implement for many server cases. Please let me know if there is something like that.

Thank you!

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