Configuration file with default username/password combination (admin/monit)

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Hanno Böck created an issue

The default monitrc configuration file of monit enables the HTTP web interface with a default username/password combination (admin/monit).

Default passwords are generally extremely bad for security, as it can be expected that some users won’t change them. I would therefore consider this a security bug. (I have done some scans and unsurprisingly I found plenty of active installations with the default credentials.)

I would recommend changing the code in a way that a user is forced to set an individual password. One possibility would be to just show a warning if a user logs in with the default credentials.

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  1. Señor Rolando

    Especially as this default also seems to be used when it is removed from the monitrc file. In this example here, admin/monit is still accepted as valid login credentials:

    root> grep allow monitrc
    #     selfsigned : allow   # allow self signed SSL certificates (reject by default)
        allow localhost        # allow localhost to connect to the server and
        allow me:monit42

  2. Señor Rolando

    Well, of course. (And you need to make sure that you only have one monit process running. This err was on my side. But I still second the initial point about the default username/passwd as raised by Hanno.)

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