test for SQL servers

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Massimo Sala created an issue

I wrote the test for SQL server.


‌ host … port 1434 protocol mssql [instance <name>]

The routine talks via Udp using the microsoft SSRP protocol.

You can specify a name of one instance, to check SQL is running and also that specific instance.

Pls don’t ask me to upload this file using GIT or any other CVS. I don’t know how to do and I haven’t spare time for that.

This is a free lunch, take it as is.

Best regards, Massimo Sala

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Thank you. We kind of need a proper Pull Request to be able to consider changes. The code also seems incomplete, e.g. you call Socket_nodelay which is not defined anywhere in the Monit codebase. The same consideration applies to your other contributions.

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