cannot create pull request

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Massimo Sala created an issue

Tildeslash wrote:

‌ We kind of need a proper Pull Request to be able to consider changes

Hi @Tildeslash

I am trying now to create a pull request:

and I get

Error: We can't let you see this page

I have this Bitbucket account:

Can you enable me on your Bitbucket ?

Best Regards, Massimo

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  1. Lutz Mader

    Hello Massimo,
    try to clone the monit branch to your Bitbucket account, add the new/changed code and send a pull request (from your) repository to the tildeslash repository.

    You can not send a pull request from a local repository.

    With regards,

    I use “sourcetree” (from bitbucket) to handle my local/remote repository. But a pull request can send via the Bitbucket web frontend to the cloned repository only.

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