ignore match not working anymore

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bablex created an issue

Using following code:

check file mysqld-error-log with path /var/log/mysqld.log
    ignore match "MY-010956"
    ignore match "MY-010957"
    if match "Warning" then alert
    if match "ERROR" then alert

I still get notifications for errors that should be ignored:

Description: content match:
2020-06-26T04:42:30.206476Z 5 [Warning] [MY-010956] [Server] Invalid replication timestamps: original commit timestamp is more recent than the immediate commit timestamp. This may be an issue if delayed replication is active. Make sure that servers have their clocks set to the correct time. No further message will be emitted until after timestamps become valid again.
2020-06-26T04:42:31.342138Z 5 [Warning] [MY-010957] [Server] The replication timestamps have returned to normal values.

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  1. Lutz Mader

    Hello Bables,
    I try to do some testing based on your description, but I get no alerts for the Warning Messages.

    Add the monit.log output to the issue and the used monit and system version also.

    With regards,

    I do some testing based on monit 5.26.0 and MacOS 10.10.

  2. bablex reporter


    The issue is that “ignore match” apparently expects a regex, which isn’t documented anywhere.

    When doing:
    ignore match ".*MY-010957"

    it works

  3. Tildeslash repo owner

    Thanks for update. The regex is documented in monit manual, snip:

    IGNORE CONTENT <operator> <regex|path>

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