Syntax check is OK, but fails to start

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Aleks Bunin created an issue

I’ve got a simple config, which after checking with syntax check suggests that it’s ok, but when I try to start it, reports an error near every.

$ monit -t ./monitrc-test
Control file syntax OK
$ monit -c ./monitrc-test
/path/to/monitrc-test:8: syntax error 'every'
$ cat ./monitrc-test
set daemon  60
   with start delay 30

check host server1 with address
   if failed ping then alert
   if failed port 443 with protocol https
      and certificate valid > 14 days use ssl options {verify: enable}
      every 240 cycles
   then alert

Monit 5.27.0, macOS installed via Homebrew, but reproducible with 5.26.0 on alpine linux.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    You need to set the -c switch when you run monit -t also, otherwise monit will use it's default control-file. The error is correct. You have an every statement inside an if-statement. every belongs with the check itself, so it reads check X every y.

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