constant file attributes warnings on AIX 7.1

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Michael Metts created an issue


Is there a way to suppress file attributes warnings on AIX? I'm getting this in /var/log/messages on one of our AIX machines:

...user:warn|warning monit[23593138]: Cannot test filesdescriptors usage as the statistics is not available on this system

I am monitoring one JFS2 file system. Apparently, Monit either can't ever get those filedescriptors or there's something I'm missing in the configuration. Either way, I'd really like to get rid of this warning. This is flooding syslog with useless lines. Please advise. Thanks.


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  1. Michael Metts reporter

    Thanks. Do you have AIX binaries of the development version or is it better for me to wait for a new release?

  2. Tildeslash repo owner

    we don’t release binaries for the development version … you can compile it from the source code if needed

    we’ll release monit 5.27.1 (including binaries) within ca. 2 week timeframe

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