killing mysql connection by checking

Issue #942 resolved
Axel Reinhold created an issue

Since monit-5.27.0 (also with 5.27.1) i have no more connection to my database server. monit kills the connection by checking the server with this rule:

check host more address
   if failed icmp type echo count 2 with timeout 6 seconds then alert
   if failed port 3306 protocol mysql with timeout 20 seconds then alert

after a while of successful checkings the database server block any connection - not only from monit, but from the whole server! - from the client server with:

Oct 26 08:25:23 pie2 monit[12920]: 'much' failed protocol test [MYSQL] 
at []:3306 [TCP/IP]
- Server returned error code 1129 -- 
Host '' is blocked because of many connection errors;
unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'

With monit-5.26.0 and older this has worked flawlessly for years.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    You’re doing anonymous connection, please try to add testing mysql account and set username and password in the protocol test

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