Feature: Esxi info feeding into M/Monit

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Kiril Ballow created an issue

Hello this question is more of a question.

Is there any way to feed M/Monit without a Monit Agent. Obviously Monit can not run on a ESXi host. I use M/Monit to monitor almost every single host type including Windows with the hacky method. I would love to be able to include Esxi hosts as well and I feel like the only way is to inject the data into M/Monit the way Monit does. Can you please advise how I can send data to M/Monit without a Monit agent so ESXi hosts can be “monitored”.

Right now I do a pull method were a script runs on a host which has Monit agent that ssh’s to ESXI hosts to collect information, but obviously I miss out on the Analytics function because programs are not captured historically.

I imagine I can make a payload from Esxi that can populate MMonit every x seconds, but i would need some guidance.

Thank you.

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