Improving documentation and/or handling of multiple 'every' statements

Issue #955 resolved
Aaron created an issue

As discussed in this thread on the mailing list, I think the documentation and error-handling surrounding multiple ‘every’ statements could be improved. Specifically, it appears that all but the final ‘every’ statement are silently ignored if you supply multiple in one service definition.

My preference would be for monit to support supplying multiple ‘every’ statements, but in lieu of that, I’m suggesting to update the documentation explaining that this is not allowed, and possibly modify monit -t such that it reports an error upon detecting the presence of multiple ‘every’ statements.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Fix Issue #955: The 'every' statement can be used only once in the given service context and only the last value is used. Report warning if multiple 'every' statements are found.

    → <<cset 229094eb0b95>>

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