Dependent check not running when file dependency fixed

Issue #956 new
Aaron created an issue

I have the following pair of checks:

check program test-program with path /root/
    every 20 cycles
    depends on test-file
    if status != 0 then alert

check file test-file with path /root/test
    not every "* 22-23,0-6 * * *"
    if timestamp is older than 1 day then alert

My intention is to ensure that the file (/root/test) exists, and has been touched in the last day, and if so, to further run /root/ to ensure everything is working as expected.

I’m observing that if /root/test does not exist when I start monit, and I later touch it, test-file succeeds (monit reports it as OK), but test-program remains in the Waiting state. I would expect monit to begin checking test-program once the file is present.

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