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Issue #976 resolved
Phil Schwartz created an issue

I have a space free filesystem check that is based on available space in GBs:

if space free < 60 GB then exec <some_script>

This works fine however the notifications are incongruent. When the event occurs the notification message contains:

Description: space free 59.9 GB matches resource limit [space free < 60 GB]

However, when the event is cleared:

Description: space free test succeeded [current space free = 34.3%]

Since the check unit is for a GB-value, the alert message includes the current GB and the threshold. Yet, when it clears it only shows a percent-free. I would expect this message to also include the current GB instead (or in addition to) the percentage.

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  1. Tildeslash repo owner

    Fixed: Issue #976: If the space free test recovered, it did always report percent free, regadless of the test unit. If absolute bytes limit is set, Monit will report absolute bytes value of current space free as well.

    → <<cset 7e1c4fbddf30>>

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