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  • Collect the system file descriptor data when Statistics_FiledescriptorsPerSystem is set only.

  • Show the file descriptor information when Statistics_FiledescriptorsPerSystem is set only. Something like filedescriptors N/A is not very useful.

My fix for the message flooding in systems where monit can not collect system file descriptor information, useful for Solaris, AIX and NetBSD systems.

To remove the useles line
filedescriptors N/A
from the status information an additional Statistics_FiledescriptorsPerSystem check in cervlet.c is used.
This check is used in validate.c before calling _checkSystemFiledescriptors too.

Issue #920 Message flooding in AIX with message Cannot test filesdescriptors ...

A check to filedescriptorslist in validate.c before the warning message is nice but not the whole story I think.

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