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+couchbeam 0.3 - 2009 (c) Benoît Chesneau <benoitc@e-engura.org>
+**couchbeam** is a simple erlang CouchDB framework. couchbeam provides you a full featured and easy client to access and manage multiple couchdb Nodes.
+Couchbeam is under Apache License 2. see LICENSE file for more details.
+Full documentation of the project is on this [url](http://benoitc.github.com/couchbeam).
+* Erlang/OTP R12-B or newer (compiler to build, kernel,stdlib,ssl,crypto to run)
+* GNU Make (might actually build with some other make as well)
+* [Etap](http://github.com/ngerakines/etap/) (for testing) 
+To bulid the application simply run 'make'. This should build .beam, .app
+files and documentation.
+Code integrate [lhttpc](http://bitbucket.org/etc/lhttpc/src/) but use your own as well.
+To run tests run 'make test'.
+To generate doc, run 'make docs'.