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+title: Couchdbkit version 0.2 released
+content_type: textile
+page_type: blog
+template: blog/post.html
+New release for "Couchdbkit":
+You can download latest release on "Pypi": or check "download page":../download.html for other ways.
+h2. New features :
+* Update to support latest features of restkit : new threadsafe support and now handle a pool of connections.
+* It's now possible to fetch raw json from the clients. Some methods have _raw_json params. raw view results could be retrieved with `fetch_raw` method.
+h2. Fixes :
+* Fix issues with dynamic properties
+* Fix db.documents iterator
+* Fix ext.django.forms
+h2. Breaking Changes
+The module `couchdbkit.session` don't exist anymore. Couchdbkit is now threadsafe by default due to last change in "restkit": . You don't need now to use `create_session`to make the db object threadsafe or to apply it to your 'couchdbkit.schema.Document` object. `Session.contain` has been replaced by `couchdbkit.schema.contain` function. 
+The "tutorial":../gettingstarted.html has been updated to reflect this.