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     def from_uri(cls, uri, uuid_batch_count=DEFAULT_UUID_BATCH_COUNT, 
                 transport=None, use_proxy=False, min_size=0, max_size=4, pool_class=None):
-        """ Create a database from its url. """
+        """ Create a `Database` instance  from its url.   
+        @param uri: uri of Database
+        @param uuid_batch_count: max of uuids to get in one time
+        @param transport: an transport instance from :mod:`restkit.transport`. Can be used
+                to manage authentification to your server or proxy.
+        @param use_proxy: boolean, default is False, if you want to use a proxy
+        @param min_size: minimum number of connections in the pool
+        @param max_size: maximum number of connection in the pool
+        @param pool_class: custom pool class
+        """
         server_uri, dbname = uri.rsplit("/", 1)
         server = Server(server_uri, uuid_batch_count=uuid_batch_count, 
-            transport=transport)
+            transport=transport, use_proxy=use_proxy, min_size=min_size,
+            max_size=max_size, pool_class=pool_class)
         return server.get_or_create_db(dbname)
     def info(self, _raw_json=False):