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                                 'convert_property', 'DocumentSchema', 'DocumentBase', 
                                 'QueryMixin', 'AttachmentMixin', 'Document', 'StaticDocument',
                                 'SchemaProperty', 'ListProperty', 'DictProperty', 
-                                'StringListProperty']
+                                'StringListProperty', 'contain']

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 If you have not installed couchdbkit yet, follow instruction on "download page":/download.html . Once you've done, you can write your first CouchDB document:
 <pre class="code prettyprint">
- from couchdbkit.schema import Document
- from couchdbkit.schema.properties import *
+ import datetime
+ from couchdbkit.schema import *
  class Greeting(Document):
       author = StringProperty()
 Here is the code to save a greet on database Greeting. We also see how to create a database.
 <pre class="code prettyprint">
- import datetime
- from couchdbkit.client import Server
- from couchdbkit.session import create_session
  # server object
  server = Server()
  # create database
- try:
-     server.create_db("greetings")
- except:
-     pass
+ db = get_or_create_db("greeting")
- # open a database session
- db = create_session(server, "greetings")
- Greeting = db(Greeting)
+ # associate Greeting to the db
+ contain(db, Greeting)
  # create a new greet
  greet = Greeting(
  # save it 
+ greet.save()
+Note: Here we use contain to associate the db to the <code>Greeting</code> object. This function could be use to associate myltiple dcouemnt objects to one db : <code>contain(db, Doc1, ...)</code> One other way to associate a db to a <code>Document</code> class would be :
+<pre class="code prettyprint">
+ Greeting.set_db(db)
 Your document `greet` in `greetings` db. Each document is saved with a `doc_type` field that allow you to find easily each kind of document with the views. By default `doc_type` is the name of the class.
 Now that you saved your document, you can update it :
-Here we update the author name.
-Note: You can notice that we don't use the db object here to update. In fact db object was automatically associated with the Greeting class on first `save`. You could have done this asssociation before by doing :
-<pre class="code prettyprint">
- Greeting = db(Greeting)
+Here we have updated the author name.
 h2. Dynamic properties