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 version 0.2 (pre 1.0 ?)
 - new versatile mapper + support of desktopcouch format
-- remove httplib2 dependancy (work take place in py-restclient)
 - add support for oauth
 - full featured python view server
 - more helper for views : key filter
-- support for streaming attachmentsw
 - _changes handler


         if not self.uuids:
             self.uuids = self.res.get('/_uuids', count=self._uuid_batch_count)["uuids"]
         return self.uuids.pop()
+    def add_authorization(self, obj_auth):
+        """
+        Allow you to add basic authentification or any authentification 
+        object inherited from `restkit.httpc.Auth`.
+        ex:
+            >>> from couchdbkit import Server
+            >>> from restkit.httpc import BasicAuth
+            >>> server = Server()
+            >>> server.add_authorization(BasicAuth((username, password)))
+        """
+        self.res.add_authorization(obj_auth)
     def __getitem__(self, dbname):
         if dbname in self:


+title: Couchdbkit version 0.1.9 released
+content_type: textile
+page_type: blog
+template: blog/post.html
+New release for "Couchdbkit":
+You can download latest release on "Pypi": or check "download page":../download.html for other ways.
+h2. New features :
+* Replacing py-restclient with restkit. It removes dependancy on httplib2 & pycurl and add streaming possibilities.
+* **Streaming**: POST and PUT requests are streamed, streaming attachments from CouchDB is possible (use stream argument in fetch_attachment function)
+* **Use the best available json serialize/deserializer installed**. If you don't use python 2.6x or want to use a faster solution, you will need to install a json serializer. Supported json serializers are : cjson, jsonlib2, jsonlib, simplejson, and django.utils.json. To do that couchdbkit use anyjson module from the "Carrot": project.
+h2. Fixes :
+* removed httplib2 dependancy
+* Add support for custom keys in views results. Usefull for example with couchdb-lucene to get search time or other metadata.
+* Fix LazyList, make sure that if content_type is fixed in ListProperty we don't convert types 
+* Django extension : support of dynamic initial values
+* Django extension : Fields in form are now ordered


-- add ReferenceProperty
-- Add Aggregate views
-- management of extenals
-- _changes api
-- scripts to dump/load databases
-- make mapper compatible with json schmea
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