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title: Downloading Couchdbkit

This is a manual for installing Couchdbkit and its dependencies.

h2. 1. Installing CouchDB

Couchdbkit requires couchdb 0.9 or later to use it.

To install Couchdb follow the documentation on  "CouchDB wiki": .

h2. 2. Installing Couchdbkit

Couchdbkit <b>requires python2.5x/2.6x</b> to work. python 3.x will be supported soon. 

h3. 2.1 Installing with easy_install

To install Couchdbkit using easy_install you must make sure you have a recent version of setuptools installed (as of this writing, 0.6c6 (0.6a9 on windows) or later):

<pre class="code prettyprint">
$ curl -O
$ sudo python -U setuptools

To install or upgrade to the latest released version of Couchdbkit:

<pre class="code prettyprint">$ sudo easy_install -U Couchdbkit</pre>

h3. 2.2 Installing from source

To install Couchdbkit from source, simply use the normal procedure for installing any Python package. Since Couchdbkit uses setuptools, all dependencies (including setuptools itself) will be automatically acquired and installed for you as appropriate.

h4. Fetch sources

You could download latest sources from "Bitbucket Downloads":

Or fetch them with hg. Therefore we have to "install hg": and then run :

<pre class="code prettyprint">
$ hg clone

h4. install Couchdbkit

<pre class="code prettyprint">
$ python install

If you're using a hg clone, it's recommended to use the setuptools develop command, which will simply activate Couchdbkit directly from your source directory. This way you can do a hg fetch or make changes to the source code without re-installing every time:

<pre class="code prettyprint">
$ python develop

3. Install requirements

If you don't use python 2.6x or want to use a faster solution, you will need to install a json serializer. Supported json serializers are : cjson, jsonlib2, jsonlib, simplejson, and django.utils.json. 

To install simplejson :

<pre class="code prettyprint">
$ easy_install simplejson