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title: Welcome to the Couchdbkit project
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<h2>CouchDB framework in Python</h2>

<p>Couchdbkit provides you a full featured and easy client to access and manage CouchDB. It allows you to manage a CouchDB server, databases, doc managements and view access. All objects mostly reflect python objects for convenience. Server and Databases objects could be used for example as easy as using a dict.</p>

<pre class="code prettyprint">
s = Server()

db = s.create_db("couchbdkit_test")
db['somedoc'] = { 'test': 'essai' }
doc = db['someid']

<p>Map couchdb object to python object easily with dynamic schema. It's similar to ORMs but with all the couchdb awesomeness.</p>

<pre class="code prettyprint">
from couchdbkit import Document

class Greeting(Document):
    author = StringProperty()
    content = StringProperty()
    date = DateTimeProperty()
greet = Greeting() = "Me"
greet.homepage = ""
<p>Manage easily design docs in your Python application with <code>loaders</code>.</p> 
<pre class="code prettyprint">
from couchdbkit.loaders import FileSystemDocsLoader

loader = FileSystemDocsLoader('/path/to/designs')

<article id="go_further">
    <h2>Next steps</h2>
    <p>Grab the <a href="download.html">code</a> and you can read through the <a href="/docs/gettingstarted.html">getting started</a> tutorial. After you've gone through that, best thing to do is read the <a href="/docs/">documentation</a> on this site.</p>
    <p>If you need help, don't hesitate to <a href="/contact.html">contact me</a>.</p>