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This already happens in the mode_clone.

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             if debug_resource is not None:
                 self.modes[DEBUG] = debug_resource
-            # also create a reference to the superseding mode in the superseded
-            # mode
-            for mode_name, mode in self.modes.items():
-                for resource in self.supersedes:
-                    superseded_mode = resource.mode(mode_name)
-                    # if there is no such mode, let's skip it
-                    if superseded_mode is resource:
-                        continue
-                    mode.supersedes.add(superseded_mode)
-                    superseded_mode._rollups.add(mode)
         elif self._mode == MINIFIED:
             if self.compiler is None and self.minifier is not None:
                 # Raise a configuration error if both minifier and minified are defined. 
             # Synchronize the dependency information with the mode resources.
             source.dependency_nr = self.dependency_nr
             source.library_nr = self.library_nr
+            return source
-            return source
         return self.__class__(self.library, source or self.source,
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