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fix setup
oops forgot to commit this change...
Added tag v1.1.4 for changeset 7edfae3be813
fix bug spotted by david`bgk on irc. You could now pass int values as
Added tag v1.1.3 for changeset e2641d175d67
Added tag v1.1. for changeset 90b88cc99cc9
update version
make sure headers are correctly set.
regen doc, add missing files
regen doc
minor changes
regen doc
Added tag v1.1.2 for changeset 50f093094eca
curl set the right header.
more fixes
little fix
fix doc
Added tag v1.1 for changeset 217c664a7b90
update doc & regen
Sometimes you don't want to encode utls at all. This change allow you
add test for auth
fix doc
handle file management
moved to, renamed *client* to *transport* since
certificate infos
no need to retest httplib2 based client
r is now a requirement.
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