A quieter version of the default Django runserver.

The default runserver prints out a lot of information, and not all of it is useful. This packages removes most of the information printed, leaving only the important stuff:

  • Requests to some static assets are not logged
  • 304 Not Modified requests are not logged
  • Timestamps are no longer included. Most of the time, these are noise
  • The common response types GET and POST are abbreviated to G and P
  • GET query strings are logged on a separate, slightly indented line, allowing for easy differentiation.


200 G /
200 G /static/styles.css
200 G /search/
200 G /item/123/
301 P /item/123/
200 G /item/123/


Install this package:

pip install djangoquietrunserver

Include it in your INSTALLED_APPS:



Use runserver-- instead of runserver:

python runserver--

Monkey patching

If you do not want to use runserver--, you can monkey patch Django so that the default runserver will use the quieter logging by default. If you're running Django 1.7 or above, use the following in your INSTALLED_APPS instead:


If you're running an older version of Django, enable the monkeypatch by adding the following lines to your, just after the import sys line:

import djangoquietrunserver.monkeypatch