Befunge IDE and interperator

A Befunge IDE.

I first made this years ago, only recently remembering and resurecting it. I finally fixed a bug that I knew about previously, after 5 years!


javac -d bin/ -cp src/ $( find src/ -name '*.java' )


java -cp bin/ maelstrom.funge.gui.FungeGui

Compliance to the spec

This implements most of the basic Funge-98 spec. It is missing the following Funge-98 features:

  • Filesystem Funge
  • Concurrent Funge
  • Other dimensional funges (Unefunge, Trefunge, N-Funge)
  • Load and unload semantics: (, )
  • System info operator: y
  • Stack stack manipulation: {, }, u

Funge-98 is a superset of the Befunge-93 spec, so Befunge-93 programs should work with one notable exception: Values are not limited to bytes (0 to 256), but longs (-2⁶³ to 2⁶³-1).