Shlomi Fish committed defe8ee

Add "make runtest" and "make distruntest".

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     - In the process made "Encode" and perl-5.8.1. pre-requisites of this
+    - Add the "make runtest" and "make distruntest" targets to test using
+    Test-Run.
 1.73            Sun Oct  9 17:32:30 IST 2011
     - Possible fix for :
         - made the port reservation on t/14security.t for the non-existent
     print "yes\n";
     return 1;
+sub MY::postamble {
+  return <<'MAKE_FRAG';
+runtest: pure_all
+	perl -MFile::Spec -MTest::Run::CmdLine::Iface -e \
+        "local @INC = @INC;	unshift @INC, map { File::Spec->rel2abs(\$$_) } ('$(INST_LIB)', '$(INST_ARCHLIB)'); Test::Run::CmdLine::Iface->new({test_files => [glob(q{t/*.t})]})->run();"
+distruntest: distdir
+	cd $(DISTVNAME) && $(ABSPERLRUN) Makefile.PL
+	cd $(DISTVNAME) && $(MAKE) runtest $(PASTHRU)
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