perl-xml-libxslt / Changes

Revision history for Perl extension XML::LibXSLT.

    - Convert the following test scripts from to Test::More :
        - t/03input.t

1.74            Tue Oct 25 21:48:48 IST 2011
    - Convert the following test scripts from to Test::More :
        - t/01basic.t
        - t/02dromeds.t
        - t/04params.t
        - t/05quick.t
        - t/06output.t
        - t/06entities.t
        - t/07blankdoc.t
        - t/08literal.t
        - t/09exslt.t
        - t/10functions.t
        - t/11utf8.t
        - t/12import.t
        - t/13error.t
        - t/14security.t
        - t/15misc.t

    - In the process made "Encode" and perl-5.8.1. pre-requisites of this

    - Add the "make runtest" and "make distruntest" targets to test using

1.73            Sun Oct  9 17:32:30 IST 2011
    - Possible fix for :
        - made the port reservation on t/14security.t for the non-existent
        URL more robust.

1.72            Thu Oct  6 13:37:13 IST 2011
    - Moved the benchmarking code under benchmark/ so it won't be indexed
    by CPAN (Tim Brody).
    - Avoid leaking memory inside extension elements by cleaning up on 
    stylesheet DESTROY (Tim Brody).
    - xsltInit() and xsltCleanupGlobals() to avoid leaking memory on 
    init/shutdown (Tim Brody).
    - Added support for stylesheet context functions via a 
    $stylesheet->register_function() method with the same arguments as 
    XML::LibXSLT->register_function(). (Tim Brody)
    - Added support for register_element() on stylesheet objects. The callback
    may leak memory though - nothing frees the _private attributes of the
    node + document owner for the passed arguments? (Tim Brody)

1.71            Sat Sep 10 20:38:23 IDT 2011
    - Fixed :
        - add a blacklist for libxslt-1.1.25 which has a deadlock that
        hangs a test.
    - Fixed :
        - Unexpected webserver dependency in test
    - Updated the version control instructions in the README to

     - fixed various bugs
     - documentation updates
     - #48247: Win32 patch kindly provided by
     - sync with latest XML::LibXML ABI and add a compatibility check
     - do not force -lgcrypt and -lgpg-error linker flags
     - fix for attribute nodes returned by user-defined XPath functions
     - address #41542: restore internalDTD subset on the source
       document of a transformation (libxslt unlinks it)

     - fix compilation problems
     - skip exslt tests if not available
     - added XML::LibXSLT::HAVE_EXSLT() (1/0)

     - sync the binary internals to those of XML::LibXML 1.67
     - update regression tests for compatibility with up-to-date libxslt

     - bump requirements to libxslt 1.1.8
     - sync the binary internals to those of XML::LibXML 1.66

     - fix SIGSEGV regarding freeing nodes created by extension functions
       (reported by Elizabeth Mattijsen)
     - use pkg-config to determine linker flags for libexslt

     - security callback interface contributed by Shane Corgatelli
     - check libxslt version
     - added XML::LibXML-like API to retrieve libxslt version
     - added output_as_bytes() and output_as_chars()
     - added regression tests for output_as_* to 11utf8.t 
     - output_as_string documentation fixed to match reality
     - make 06entities.t to pass with older libxml2/libxslt
     - POD uses items instead of headings
     - fixed media_type and output_encoding for imported stylesheets [ #23440]

     - fixed error reporting: die on fatal errors, warn otherwise
       (in particular, warn rather than die on <xsl:message terminate="no">)

     - fix a huge memory leak in transform_file (bug #1314)
     - make it clear from the docs that output_string returns bytes (bug #8875)
     - added missing type-casting to fix compile-time warnings (bug #18508)
     - using call_* instead of perl_call_* (perl_ variants are obsolete)
     - in callbacks, POPs on error before croaking, otherwise it has no
       effect (and we probably leak)
     - added test case which used to fail (provided in rt #15723)
     - apply patch for Makefile.PL for non-standard libxslt paths (bug #16224)
     - fix segfault with registered functions returning nodes
     - fix leaks in parse_stylesheet
     - error reporting

    - (revision bumped to match XML::LibXML)
    - adapted for new XML::LibXML::InputCallback API
    - support for static linking against libxml2

    - (revision bumped to match XML::LibXML)
    - Some minor fixes to perl extension functions support
    - Fixed callbacks support
    - Enable xinclude in XSLT files
    - Fixed some memory leaks
    - Fixed some segfaults

    - Fixed ordering of params to perl extension funcs
    - Implemented nodelist and other data type passing to
      extension functions, and returning nodelist and elements
      (some code from Ido Ben-Zvi)
    - Slightly better error handling

    - Perl extension functions (whee!)

    - Mac OS X fixes
    - Cleaned up XPath quoting
    - Fixed document('') test (though if it still doesn't work
      in your code, see t/07blankdoc.t for details about how to
      make it work).

    - Cleaned up media_type method so it doesn't segfault.

    - Migrated to new XML::LibXML 1.49 (with new memory stuff)

    - removed global callbacks
    - changed callbacks to using LibXML globals

    - Compatibility with XML::LibXML 1.30 (esp callbacks)
    - EXSLT support
    - Better test files

    - Some fixes and tests for document('')
    - Better have_library implementation in Makefile.PL

    - Fixed Makefile.PL check for libxslt > 0.7.0 to work with 1.0.0

    - Fixes to work with XML::LibXML 0.94

    - Support text/html defaulting for media_type when document element
      is <html>.
    - Support building on Win32

    - More tests and fixes for media_type

    - Fixed media_type method

    - Added output_encoding and media_type methods

    - Fixed Makefile.PL to work with libxslt 0.10

    - Removed hack where we set dom->standalone = 42 to prevent
      XML::LibXML from garbage collecting
    - Removed XML::LibXML from the distribution. Now separate.

    - More segfault fixes
    - Benchmark updates    

    - More segfault fixes

    - Fixed segfaults on 5.00503

    - Fixed output encoding problems

    - Now needs libxslt 0.7.0
    - Removed add_param() (now passed to transform())
    - Makefile.PL works without gnome-config now

0.95 & 0.96
    - Various cleanups and code additions to make stable.

0.94  Tue Mar 13 2001
    - First release to CPAN

0.01  Sat Mar  3 17:08:00 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19
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